Games to play in the rain

Games to play in the rain

Embrace the rain – get your wellies on, get outside and have some fun. You can just run around, get wet, jump in puddles and catch raindrops in your mouth but here’s a few more suggestions for things you could do in the great outdoors in the wet weather.

Make Mud Pies

What you need to create an imaginary feast:

  • Lots and lots of mud
  • Sand (optional)
  • Water
  • Stones, leaves & twigs for decoration
  • Bucket, old pots, pans and spoons
  • A spade

Mix the mud in a bowl and make a birthday cake for a friend - decorate with twigs as candles. Use leaves and flowers to jazz it up.

Make a Natural Shelter

Out on a walk and the rain sets in? You can make a waterproof shelter using the leaves and branches lying around you.

Go to your closest wood and gather lots of leaves, twigs, and large straight branches.

Choose a location for your base camp next to a large tree. Using the longest and straightest branches, place them up against the tree as close together as possible. Once you are happy that your shelter is large enough to protect you and your family or friends from the rain, you need to start waterproofing it with leaves. Ensure you start piling the leaves from the bottom and build all the way up in order to 'thatch' your shelter. The leaves need to be approximately 30cm deep.

Once complete, jump in and stay dry. Why don't you use the time, whilst waiting for the rain to stop playing a game such as: Simon Says or paper, scissors, stone?

Pooh Sticks

With all the rivers so swollen at the moment after the good old British weather, why not dress up in your waterproofs and head down to your local bridge with nicely flowing water running under it? Everyone in your group needs to pick a stick which you can recognise as yours (you could always tie a leaf or some grass to it so you know which one is which). Throw them over the bridge at the same time and run the other side (watch out for any traffic if the bridge is on a road) to see who wins. Best of 3 is the champion.

The best thing about being outside is taking a flask of hot chocolate to keep warm and act as a reward for fresh air and outdoor exertion. You can of course use the powdered variety but we urge you to try our awesome real hot chocolate recipe and then pep it up as you wish with one of our variations.